Sessions and retreats with Nicolas aren't for everyone - but they can be for you!

They are for people who want to take charge of their path ahead. They are for people who want to become the best version of themselves. They are for people who love personal development and seek transformation. They are for people who are self aware and looking to evolve.

- They are NOT for people who resist taking personal responsibility for their lives

- They are NOT for people who stay inactive hoping for change but never take any steps

- They are NOT for those who blame others and feel they are powerless to change

- They are NOT for people who are afraid to confront their past and unwilling to work through their trauma's

Nicolas Aujula brings forth years of professional experience, global media exposure and a unique personality

Nicolas is available for

- TV and media interviews/projects

- Work with unique brands and charities

- Business and PR collaborations

- Events and personal appearances

- Talks, retreats and workshops

- International engagements

- VIP requests

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Nicolas Aujula seeks to work with clients who are seeking personal change and growth through therapeutic healing work. As sessions are digital, people from across the globe can benefit from going through these transformative sessions.
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Astrology guidance sessions look at your birth chart and planetary transits to advise on personal concerns and life trends.

Self exploration and healing in epic Egypt and Jordan

With the mighty river Nile and towering temples of Egypt to the sand covered tombs of Petra and the healing waters of the Dead Sea in Jordan, take a journey of self discovery.

Guiding you through meditation, breath work and self healing to a specialised therapy program or even past life regression, the energy of these lands is on a whole other frequency to accelerate you to shift.

If you feel a soul connection to these lands then tap into this energy deeper. Feel your heart expand as you embrace the sunrise and sunset, reminding you of new beginnings and endings are part of our natural cycle.

A retreat offers a safe space to explore yourself deeper combined with travel. A time for reflection, integration and personal healing.

Retreats are generally held between October-March, when the weather is enjoyable in these lands.

Arrange a retreat day, join a group retreat, arrange your own bespoke group with friends or even a private solo retreat with Nicolas Aujula.